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Demcon Concrete is one of the truly full service Concrete Contractors in California and the South Western US. Our efforts over the past 5 years have been to truly evolve into the consummate “One Stop Shop” when it comes to Concrete Construction. While no one can or should “do it all” what we strive for is to provide convenient, top quality and dependable service to our clients. While we provide an array of Concrete services, we don’t believe in simply stating that we provide a particular service, rather if we offer and provide a particular service we guarantee that we are first rate world class experts at that methodology and installation.

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Design Build

Design build projects are becoming a more and more efficient way to execute true value and meet client needs in the industry. Demcon has substantial experience in coordinating Design Build Concrete projects, including many of our very own projects where we have had an equity position. Parking Structures, Office Buildings, Podium Developments are all good examples of projects where the Design Build Dynamic serves the clients well. 

Structural Concrete

Including Tilt Up, Cast in place, High Rise, Mat Slab, Walls, Post Tension, Place and Finish and a multitude of other load bearing and structurally monolithic concrete applications.

Decorative & Lightweight Concrete

We are able to proudly offer gorgeous architectural applications ranging all the way from Acid Stains, Integral Colors, Decorative Saw Cutting, Exposed Aggregates, Polishing, Custom Imprints and stamps, and just about any things else that enhances the look of a concrete application.  In addition we have serviced our clients with light weight decking applications and are logistically experienced at placing and finishing all of these products.

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